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EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS from our Sponsors - up to 50% OFF !

The following merchandise can only be purchased by participants. Please make your purchase when you register for the race online. Merchandise will be available for pick-up during the Race Entry Pack Collection.

If you have already registered, please click here to make your purchase.

Energizer Special Offers

Energizer 4LED Headlight Energizer 7LED Headlight Energizer Hardcase Pro Inspection Light
Energizer 4LED Headlight
(with 3 x AAA batteries)
  Energizer 7LED Headlight
(with 3 x AAA batteries)
  Energizer Hardcase Pro Inspection Light
(with 2 x AAA batteries)
NOW $13.00
U.P. $24.90
(Save 48%!)
  NOW $20.00
U.P. $39.90
(Save 50%!)
  NOW $18.00
U.P. $34.00
(Save 47%!)
Prodigy Metal Light   Energizer LED Keychain Light   Energizer Booklite
Energizer Prodigy Metal Light
(uses 2 x AA batteries)
  Energizer Hi-Tech LED Keychain Light
(with 2 x CR2032)
  Energizer Booklite
(with 2 x CR2032)
NOW $35.00
U.P. $69.00
(Save 49%!)
  NOW $9.00
U.P. $14.15
(Save 36%!)
  NOW $11.00
U.P. $16.20
(Save 32%!)
Energizer E92 BP12 Max*   Energizer Max AA   Energizer Max AA LED Metal Light
Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA 4pc   Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA 2pc X 2
  Energizer Max AA BP8 with LED Metal Light
NOW $10.00
U.P. $15.20
(Save 34%!)
  NOW $10.00
U.P. $20.20
(Save 50%!)
  NOW $5.15
U.P. $10.30
(Save 50%!)
Energizer E92 BP12 Max*   Energizer Max AA   Energizer LED Magnet Light
Energizer Max AA with LED mini fan   Energizer Max AAA with LED mini fan
  Energizer LED
Magnet Light

NOW $5.95
U.P. $11.90
(Save 50%!)
  NOW $5.95
U.P. $11.90
(Save 50%!)
  NOW $6.90
U.P. $13.80
(Save 50%!)

* Limited to 2 packs per participant      **Prices are inclusive of 7% GST

Up Move™, $79.20
(Regular price at $88)

Move more. Get fit.

Get fit, lose weight and have fun doing it. UP MOVE™ comes in a bunch of brilliant colors that you can mix and match with accessories. Clip it on and wear it anywhere. And with an LED display and Smart Coach to guide you, the UP MOVE™ tracker doesn't just count your steps and track your sleep - it gets you over the hump and moving on your path to a better you.

Jabra Sport Pulse™ Wireless Earbuds, $248
(Regular price at $298)

The next generation all-in-one training solution with integrated heart rate monitor.

Take your training to the next level and get the ultimate wireless workout with Jabra Sport Pulse™ Wireless earbuds and the Jabra Sport Life™ app. This all-in-one training solution combines an in-ear precision heart rate monitor, immersive Dolby® sound, and real-time voice coaching that will inspire you to achieve the impossible. Cut the clutter and experience true freedom of movement without compromise.

Jabra Sport ROX™ Wireless Earbuds, $148

Get fired up by listening to your favourite songs. Powerful speakers deliver world-class Dolby® sound. Built to last and withstand the elements. When you’re finished, snap the special earbud magnets together to save battery power.

Perfect for
✓ running
✓ hard work outs
✓ outdoor training